Code Clubs Improve Diversity

A directory of the UK's minority-specific coding clubs


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Code Clubs Improve Diversity

One of the reasons I love coding is because of the community. There are so many people willing to help beginners get started with coding. If you have benefited from the kindness of others on your coding journey, and want to give something back, then this post is for you!

Below, I list all the code clubs that I have come across in the UK, and how to help them. If you see any that I have missed, or any links are broken, please let me know in the comments!

Reasons to help out

In supporting a coding club, you will be helping make the tech industry a better place to be:

  • Lend a hand to people from minority groups in tech by sharing your expertise
  • Be a positive role model
  • Help make your workplace more diverse
  • A warm fuzzy feeling from being a nice person :grin:

How about finding some like-minded individuals to help you start your own coding workshop?

List of Code Clubs (UK)

  • Gender-minorities
  • Racial minorities
  • Intersectional minorities
  • LGBTQ+
  • General Minorities
  • Children

Gender minorities

OrganisationHow we can help:
Women Who Code LondonVolunteer for an upcoming event
Host an event
Share job opportunities and scholarships
TechMumsHelp organise or run a TechMums course
Host a TechMums course (aimed at schools, could be opened up to offices)
Contact them to find out how your business can help further
Code First GirlsEnquire about their sponsorship package.
Rails GirlsRead their guides about putting on Rails Girls events
Sign up to volunteer at an upcoming event
Start a chapter in your town
PyLadiesStart your own local meetup group
Handbook for women organisers
DjangoGirlsOrganise a workshop
Volunteer at an upcoming event
See their resources for an organizer’s manual

Racial minorities

OrganisationHow we can help:
Black In TechnologyStart a chapter
Volunteer or offer to speak at an event for an existing chapter: e.g. London's chapter
Code2040Share your expertise as a tech volunteer
Corporate sponsorship

Intersectional minorities

OrganisationHow we can help:
Coding Black FemalesSponsorship package options (costing £1-3K per month):
Merchandise package with your company's logo to be sent to their members
Jobs advertised to their members
A page on their website
Work with CBF to create a recruitment programme
Host a CBF bootcamp
Host a mentorship programme
Put on an event in collaboration with CBF: workshops, provide a speaker, host a hackathon
Black Girls CodeOnline volunteer form (seems US based but perhaps you could have the first UK chapter!)
Black CodherRun your own Black Codher bootcamp - see


OrganisationHow we can help:
Queer CodeOffer to host a meet-up
Provide speakers for a workshop
Advertise their events (N.B their events are not intended for allies)
Share job opportunities and scholarships
Lesbians Who TechFind out about their sponsorship options
Donate to their scholarship
Out In TechSponsor

General Minorities

OrganisationHow we can help:
CodeBarCurrently it is only offering centrally organised zoom calls during Covid.
(Not in lockdown) Your office can host workshops by getting in touch with the CodeBar chapter local to your office.
Sign up as a coach at an existing chapter
Bridge Foundry (RailsBridge, ClojureBridge etc)Start a bridge (a code club chapter) - also see resources here
Help in other ways - e.g. admin, social media
Volunteer for an existing bridge workshop - use this tool to find one near you:

Children's Coding Clubs

OrganisationHow we can help:
Code Club (Raspberry Pi Foundation) - 9-13 year oldsStart a Code Club
Volunteer at a club
Free online training and resources
CoderDojo - 7-17 year oldsVolunteer at an existing dojo
Start a Dojo
Girls Who CodeStart a club - They provide a curriculum for starting.
Corporate sponsorship
Girls Code TooStart a workshop
See their resources to help get in touch with schools about running presentations and hosting coding puzzles.

Originally written Dec 15, 2020